339 W. Woodbury St.
Macomb, Illinois 61455


Magic Supply

To all present and future customers, greetings and welcome from me and the folks at Macomb Hardwood Supply. My name is George Richbark and the "folks" are Jim Pullins and Spot the Wonder Dog (security).

Macomb Hardwood was formed in 1998 for two main reasons; the first reason was to provide Macomb and the surrounding communities with first quality domestic and exotic imported hardwoods for the hobbyist and industry alike. The second, (and selfish) reason was an excuse to work with beautiful and unique items on a daily basis.

As to the first goal, a quick look at our Hardwood Stock Selection shows an inventory of domestic hardwoods like Oak (red and white), walnut, cherry, birdseye maple, hard and soft maple, poplar, aromatic and Spanish cedar, to name but a few.

Our exotic selection includes rare woods such as mahogany, satinwood , cocabola, redheartwood, canarywood, zebrawood, and many others. We have a nice selection of custom hardwood moldings and veneer in stock as well. We will stock cabinet quality veneer plywood in oak, cherry, walnut, etc.

In short, it is our desire to supply our customers with whatever wood product or service they might need. To that end, I would encourage you to write to me with your requests, suggestions, or questions at info@richbark.com or go to our Suggestion Box.

As to the second goal... well that was an immediate success! Come visit us at 339 W. Woodbury in Macomb, Illinois.